Friday, October 9, 2009

Creepmime - 1993 - Shadows

Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Netherlands (Oegstgeest, South Holland) 
Formed in 1991
Officially Split up in 1998

1993 - Shadows  (Mascot Records)

Track Listing:

 Recorded & mixed at the Excess studio, Rotterdam, Holland, during August '93.
Produced by Patrick Mameli.
Engineered by Hans Pieters.
Mixed by Hans Pieters & Patrick Mameli (of the band Pestilence).
All songs by Creepmine.

Released in the United States on January 25, 1994 by Pavement.

1.The Fruits of Ill Virtue          05:13  
2.A Serenade for the Tragic    05:32  
3.Suffer the Shadows              05:59  
4.The Way of All Flesh           05:48  
5.Chinese Whispers                06:56  
6.Soon Ripe, Soon Rotten      07:01  
7.Gather the Shattered            05:50  
8.My Soul Flayed Bare           05:38  
Total playing time                    47:573

This is one of the first Death Metal albums I ever heard when I was a kid.  It's pretty damn good, and still contends with many of the more recent Death Metal albums that circulate in my play lists.  I would say it's one of the gems of the earlier days of the genre.   


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