Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kladovest - Kladovest (2006)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical themes: Solitude, coldness, nature
Origin: Ukraine
Formed in: 2004
Status: Active
Dmitriy K. - All instruments
Jan “Radalf” V. - Vocals
Alexander A. - Lyrics, graphics
1. Mourned by Twillight Wind 9:25
2. Shadows 8:41
3. Battlefields 8:19
4. Kladovest 9:41
5. Glacial Darkness (Astrofaes cover) 3:49
Total playing time
Another great black metal band from the Ukraine, Kladovest serves up some icy cold, mechanical, inhuman music just as expected. This is definitely for fans of Hate Forest, Astrofaes, and Drudkh. I'm Anticipating their next release titled "Escape in Melancholy" which is gonna showcase Thurios on vocals. I can't wait for that one, but right now I'm really liking this.

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