Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mange - Disillusioned (1998)


Genre - Sludge
Origin - N. Hollywood, Ca.
Time - 43:21 min.
File - 86.4 MB (320kbps)

Mange contains past and present members of Phobia, Dystopia. Since 1997. Mange is now defunct however, Bruce and Kent have gone on to form DESTROYED IN SECONDS which also feature's Leon the Peon (Intronaut, Phobia, Impaled) Check us out. (

Damn. The little I had heard from this band in no way hinted to how intense this shiny platter was going to be. Ruthless sludge-violence played with all the discordant ugliness this trio of hardcore heavyweights could muster. Their harsh dirge counterpoised by pummeling bursts of grinding speed kept me slightly off balance through the first listen because I wasn't quite sure what to expect next; which is a good thing in my book. Nothing is more boring than a predictable album. Subsequent listens allowed me to enjoy the crushing density of the noise that could almost be called complex. Sick dual vocals add to the strength of the delivery and give it a cool grindcore edge. If NATO really wanted to do some damage they would forgo their bombing of foreign nations and instead opt to drop crates of MANGE discs on their enemies. (

Track List:
1. Follow
2. Again I See
3. Fallen Depart
4. Wealth Of Ignorance
5. Scarce
6. Blind Perception
7. Senseless Deceit
8. Undefined

This slab came out on Half-Life Records out of East Los Angeles, Ca. I picked this up from the band when they played the Gilman St. way back in '98. If my memory is correct Morgion was also on the bill, although things tend to get a little fuzzy from time to time. You can visit their page by going here.

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  1. Thanks a lot. I had this CD a while ago and it got stolen -brings back the memories of what I
    felt when I first heard it- awesome


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