Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mindflair - Scourge of Mankind (2015)

Artist: Mindflair
Album: Scourge of Mankind
Genre: Grindcore
Year: 2015
Origin: Germany
Quality: 128 kbps


1. Black Frost 01:49
2. Sunprotectionfactor 13 01:53
3. Greed 02:00
4. Unconditional 02:24
5. Flow 01:05
6. Unkrautbekämpfung 02:07
7. Ideal For Stupidity 02:06
8. Unlearned 01:38
9. Exploitation 01:55
10. Quite The Opposite 02:06
11. Conspiracy Of Shit 01:41
12. Deadlocked 01:39
13. Theatre Of The Absurd 02:40

German long-runners, Mindflair return this year after a decade off with their third full-length album to date, Scourge of Mankind. This one sticks pretty closely to their roots and is basically a 13 track amalgamation of grind, pv and crust. Dating back to 1994, these guys have had a lengthy career, albeit a pretty quiet one this last decade but that longevity reflects in their sound. With some bigger grind bands releasing albums this year, it might be easy to pass this one up. Don't..

Scourge of Mankind

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