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Acid Bath

Acid Bath
Sludge/Doom Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Death, Drugs, Dark Humor, Doom
Origin Formed in Last label Status
United States (Kenner, Louisiana) 1991 Rotten Records Split-up
Last known line-up
Dax Riggs - Lead Vocals (Agents of Oblivion, Deadboy & the Elephantmen,Golgotha, Daisyhead and the Mooncrickets, Dry Pussy, T-Daks and His White Plastic Soul)
Sammy Duet - Guitars, Vocals (Dark Karnival, Goatwhore, Vual, Ritual Killer,Crowbar, Walpurgisnacht)
Mike Sanchez - Guitars, Vocals (Agents of Oblivion, Golgotha)
Joseph Fontenot - Bass (Daemon (US), Devourment, Prophecy, Shredding Lettuce, Shrum , Jacknife)
Jimmy Kyle - Drums (Golgotha, Agents of Oblivion)
Former/past member(s)
Audie Pitre (also Vocals) (R.I.P.1970 - 1997, killed by drunk driver) (Shrum, guest for Walpurgisnacht, Dark Karnival)

- taken from metal-archives.com

I'm sure most of you know about the legendary Acid Bath, but for the few of you who don't, SHAME ON YOU!! You have been cheating yourselves for a long time. Acid Bath was a band who were def. WAY ahead of their time. I personally was lucky enough to catch them live a few times as a teenager. These albums are well over ten years old, but every time I hear them they sound fresh and new to me. You just cannot help but love this stuff. - swampchode

Acid Bath - When the Kite String Pops
Full-length, Rotten Records
August 8th, 1994

Dax Riggs - Vocals
Sammy Duet - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mike Sanchez - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Audie Pitre - Bass, Backing Vocals
Jimmy Kyle - Drums

Produced by Spike Cassidy.
Co-produced by Greg Troyner and Acid Bath.
Digitally recorded and mixed at Side One, Metairie,
LA by Spike Cassidy and Greg Troyner.
Digitaly mastered at Future Disc by Eddie Shyer and Spike Cassidy.
All music and lyrics by Acid Bath/Subversive Noise [BMI].

Remastered in 2004 by Eddy Schreyer at Oasis Mastering.

The cover art ("Pogo the Clown #15" / "Skull Clown #171") was painted by
infamous serial killer-cannibal-pedophile-necrophile John Wayne Gacy while he
was in prison.
1.The Blue06:13
3.Cheap Vodka02:14
4.Finger Paintings Of The Insane06:04
6.Scream Of The Butterfly06:14
7.Dr. Seuss Is Dead06:04
8.Dope Fiend05:19
9.Toubabo Koomi05:01
10.God Machine05:00
11.The Mortician's Flame04:05
12.What Color Is Death?03:19
13.The Bones Of Baby Dolls06:00
14.Cassie Eats Cockroaches04:24
Total playing time01:09:03

Reviews for Acid Bath's When the Kite String Pops

Heavy metal's ultimate best-kept-secret - 100%
Written by Chainedown on January 16th, 2009

What an amazing album!

Acid Bath's first album is probably nothing like you have heard before. It is not entirely weird, nor is it revolutionary, yet it manages to create a whole world that is original and one-of-the-kind. In fact, it's even quite different, in a way, from Acid Bath's second (and last) album, which is another incredible album.

Maybe it's only natural that Acid Bath is as unique as it is, considering the singer Dax Riggs worships David Bowie and guitarist Sammy Duet worships Satan. The two dudes' interests are contradictory, yet the these core members are close friends who has mutual fascination with death, insanity, and darkness in general. Acid Bath is fascinated with themes more than a particular musical style, and that really makes them stand out from other metal bands. They are able to have a bluesy song ("Tranquilized"), an acoustic song ("Scream of the Butterfly" and "Bones of Baby Dolls"), a sludgy song ("Cassie Eats Cockroaches" and "Dope Fiend"), all in one album, and still maintain coherence and impact.

The whole thing is just nuts. It grabs your attention, grips your mind, and will surely poisons your feelings with negativity. Start off with album cover; even if you didn't know that the painting was done by serial killer John Wayne Gacy, it looks creepy and gives you a fair warning of what is contained within. Dax Riggs is a hell of a songwriter; his words are beautifully demented and imaginative. He is also a great singer that gives so much color and dimension to the album, whereas your average metal singer would've been disposable and predictable. Sammy's distorted backing screams are more sinister than any vocal work you heard on a black metal album. Sammy and co-guitarist Mike Sanchez, along with bassist Audie Pitre, cranks out some mean riffs and grooves that sometimes compliments each other and sometimes trades off with each other. The guitars make liberal use of squeals, pick scrapings, and feedbacks - you heard these tricks before, but here, these simple sound effects are somehow spooky... for example, the opening to "The Blue" and "Dr. Seuss is Dead." Audie and drummer Jimmy Kyle provides perfect complimentary support to evil vocals and guitars. The music is carefully placed to keep it balanced - I, for example, love the first 6 tracks and the last 4 tracks, which make the album easy to listen through. On top of all this, raw but effective production, mix of musical styles (like doom, blues, thrash, and even a slight touch of industrial??), and diversity in tempo and loudness turns an album into a perverted monster.

Bottom line, it kicks fucking ass, and any reviews you read will probably not do enough justice to the album. It's a true underground legend, a classic among classics that will surely survive through the test of time. Go buy it NOW!

Acid Bath - When the Kitestring Pops - 100%
Written by overkill666 on December 28th, 2008

When you think of Louisiana, what is the first band that comes to mind? For me, and many other sludge fans it should be Acid Bath. I must say, this is truly a dark and bizarre album. Specifically, this album is musically dark, and lyrically bizarre. Though, this is a sure-fire, 100% album that should be remembered through the years, and replayed many times.

As I said in the introduction, this album is musically dark. The use of acoustics helps add that depressive, melancholic sound to the music. A great example is the introduction in 'The Bones of Babydolls'. The acoustic guitar/vocal combo is very effective, and adds a touch of sadness into the song. It goes without saying that the guitar/bass work is very strong throughout the release. It sounds like Acid Bath spent a very long time writing their music. Though, the faster songs aren't as captivating, but are awesome nonetheless. They don't have the melancholic effect, but have a nice heavy sound and give you the ability to actually headbang to Acid Bath. The drumming isn't prominent throughout every song, but where it is used, it is great. The vocals can be described as nothing less than amazing. Dax Riggs has a superb clean singing voice, and it goes along very nicely with the slow, melancholic parts. His screams, like in the track 'Jezebel', are rough and sound relentless.

Throughout the album, I found myself very interested in this band. Once the last track had completed, I knew this would be an album I'd listen to a lot more in the future. Acid Bath had added a very significant touch to sludge metal, and I'm sure this album has influenced other bands. I'd recommend you check this one out, surely this was a major highlite for the year 1994.

So diverse and never dull - 100%
Written by shagnarokvonlustmord on November 27th, 2008

This is one of the most diverse albums to ever emerge from the United States. I cannot pinpoint exactly what category musically to put Acid Bath in. I hear doom and death as well as black and sludge elements. Even thrash and melodic rock emerge at some point. Lets just say that Acid Bath were ahead of their time so much that they are revered as legends only 10 years after their departure from the metal world. Dax, for starters, is a very interchangeable vocalist. His range can go from extremely melodic to as extreme as screaming can get. This Jekyl and Hyde personae works well with Sammy's blackened screams and the rest of the bands different methods and tones.

When listening to songs like 'Scream of the butterfly' and 'Bones of baby dolls' the listener can become mesmerized and lost in the overall depth of the beauty. The melodies are very ballad like and quite overwhelmingly soothing. They are what sets them apart from the very aggressive ferocity of songs like 'Cassie eats cockroaches', 'Jezebel' (which when the song breaks down, gets calm with decipherable lyrics) and 'The Blue'. Overall each song has a different individualistic stance when it comes to pace, sound and story. There are no nuances nor mundane offerings.

This is for all listeners. Whether you prefer the doom/sludge aspects or the black and death alike. Metal aficionados who appreciate new territories explored and calculatingly executed will find at least one thing they like about 'When the kite string pops'. It Usually take 2 or more releases to give this much impression for just one album. Not to mention awesome cover artwork done by sadistic madman John Wayne Gacy (an author of death as a creator of art).

I highly recommend their follow 'Pagan Terrorism Tactics' for an album equal to brilliance.

Fuckin great - 100%
Written by Skallagrim on June 13th, 2003

I love this album. More than PTT, thats for sure. The riffs are great, the vocals are great, and this is a band that can play and arrange well. It starts off good with The Blue, a solid song and moves right into Tranquilized and its catchy as fuck beginning riff, changing to slower tempo through most of the middle, and drones off to finish. Cheap Vodka is really just filler, and next is Finger Paintings of the Insane. This album is full of amazing shit, and this is some of it. Starting off slow, and breaking off into a strange riff, after that breaking into a very black-metalish section, with keyboards and double bass. It eventually gets back to the main riff, and ends in a swell of mumbling and feedback. Jezebel is good, with a sudden intro to break the random feedback feeling. Then Screams of the Butterfly. Quieter acoustic song, which Acid Bath is talented at pulling off and placing. It creates almost a midpoint to the album. Next, Dr. Seuss is Dead, sparked a debate between my friend and I over stoner doom and how cool it is. heh. Dope Fiend opens with almsot the same feedback as The Blue, and you're almost waiting to hear The Blue's riff...but you don't. Mediocre song at best. Next is Toubabo Koomi, their only single they made a video for if i recall. It does have a very 'pop' feeling to it, but is good enough to not be a throwaway track. God Machine begins with a few samples from movies I can't quite place, and develops the main riff gradually, until vocals enter. It starts and stops tempo-wise for the rest of the song, and ends with a strange scream and clatter. Morticians Flame includes one of the catchiest riffs on the album, played by the bass, which is more prominent on this track. What Color Is Death seems out of place, with the singer screaming GO! repeatedly. It reminds me more of nu-metal, and doesnt flow with the rest of the album. The last two songs are Acid Bath classics, meant to kick your ass and make you love the album. Bones of Baby Dolls is another slow acoustic song, much better than the previous, sporting one of the coolest solos I've heard in a while. Cassie Eats Cockroaches is a fucking awesome song, starting with a detuned note over and over along with a Clockwork Orange sample, which goes so well with the lyrics. Samples that are random make the song suck. Acid Bath is a great band for not filling the second half up with shit filler, saving one of the best for last.


Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics
Full-length, Rotten Records
November 12th, 1996

In memory of Dan and Pauline Riggs, Jake (Infant Slug), Billy Maupins, and
Brutis the Boxer.

Dax Riggs - Vocals
Sammy Pierre Duet - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mike Sanchez - Guitars
Audie Pitre - Bass, Backing Vocals
Jimmy Kyle - Drums

Original Cover art "For He Is Raised" © 1996 Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

Produced and engineered by Keith Falgout.
Assistant Engineer: Matt "Heavy" Akin
Mixed by Keith Falgout.
Samples by Spice.
Recorded and mixed at Festival Recording Studios, Kenner, Lousiana.
Photography by Jimmy Kyle.
Layout by Mean Street Graphics.

Ode of the Paegan is actually a hidden track at the end of Dead Girl, which is
only 7:23 without the hidden track and the silence in between.
1.Paegan Love Song05:40
2.Bleed Me An Ocean06:15
4.Diäb Soulé04:34
5.Locust Spawning04:40
6.Old Skin01:11
7.New Death Sensation06:44
8.Venus Blue04:42
9.13 Fingers04:10
10.New Corpse03:21
11.Dead Girl24:08
12.Ode Of The Paegan01:39
Total playing time01:13:12

Reviews for Acid Bath's Paegan Terrorism Tactics

Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics - 99%
Written by DrSeuss_is_dead on February 6th, 2009

Acid Bath is one of my all time favourite bands, they’re just incredible! From the lyrics, to the vocals, to the guitar and the drums, everything works amazing together. Acid Bath is not a very technical band, both their CD’s are similar, in that they use each element of music together to create a solid, dark and killer atmosphere. Entrancing you with haunting vocals, as well as screams, Acid Bath are, in my opinion, one of the top sludge/doom bands, up there with Eyehategod, Crowbar and the many others.

This CD “Paegan Terrorism Tactics” is a definite classic. The melodic sludge and doom draws you in cuts you into pieces and then puts you back together in a new form. Dax Riggs has a gift for creating some of the darkest lyrics ever, and not cheesy dark, just plain serial killer dark. He takes you on a journey through a drugged up psychopaths mind and man he does it well. Not only are his lyrics insane, his clean voice is fucking incredible and he can scream as if he were being murdered, he is relentless. Alongside him, Sammy Duet, now of Goatwhore, is able to compliment Dax’s vocals and screams with his own haunting screams. They are just as intense and just as necessary as anything inside of this haunting album. All musicians: Jimmy Kyle (drums), Mike Sanchez (guitar) and Audie Pitre (bass), are amazing, they all grew up in similar slum areas of the South, building their influence of Southern fried sludge.

Now on to the songs! The CD starts off with “Paegan Love Song,” a sure crowd pleaser. It has a very groovy and intense riff to start off the song, as well as the CD. The whole song is put together beautifully, and it is quite simple, but gives off an energetic rush. Dax screams, sings, screams, sings, as the tempos increase and decrease in a melodic manner until the slow droning breakdown that really grabs your attention. Dax’s voice shines at that part! It is a killer song, but next is one of the highlights, “Bleed Me an Ocean.” This song starts off slow and basic and Dax’s voice, once again, shines above slow sludgy music. But the song picks up and gets faster until it gets to a bridge that is nice and slow and hits you with Sammy Duet screaming in anger. It then picks up again and a very catchy riff comes out with Dax singing his ass off. Fuck that song’s amazing!

Next is “Graveflower,” a simple song with trippy and cool melodic chords. This song is one of their bigger hits. There is no screaming, just a stoner like vibe through the whole thing. It’s actually a very beautiful song and shows off Dax’s voice and the bands ability to be melodic and beautiful and still maintain their dark vibe. “Diab Soule” is next, this title is Cajun French for “Drunken Devil.” Just from this you can see how badass the song is. It really is cool starting with bass and drums that turn into a monster of sludge driven riffs, in turn, making you feel drunk, in the best of ways of course! This leads into “Locust Spawning.” This track is pure sludge and heaviness, and pretty much all screaming. This is one of my favourite tracks, its fucking badass and heavy in so many ways. The ending is superb, it trails off with Dax screaming his ass off, “DEVOUR!!!!” It makes you cringe and feel like you want to kill someone, but not actually do it, of course.

The rest of the songs are all amazing, there is nothing bad at all in this CD. “New Death Sensation” is a slow ballad, but is not a regular one. It is very hypnotic and entrancing and fuck is it beautiful in the most demented of ways. “Venus Blue” is another more commercial sounding song, but that doesn’t mean it is bad, it’s got a very depressing vibe about it and it shows off the bands ability to give off a shitload of emotion in their sound. The chorus will give you chills, it’s haunting and unforgiving, plus the song has an amazing melody. “13 Fingers” and “New Corpse” are fast, heavy and sludgy songs. They are fucking brutal and strong. They have killer hooks and riffs and the band works their ass off to prove to the listener how fucking intense and crazy they are. “13 Fingers” is one of my all time favourites. Last but not least, “Dead Girl” is a beautiful ballad that makes you feel like you’re in pitch black stuck in a graveyard. It’s got one of the most depressing vibes ever, again this band gives off a fucking unbelievable atmosphere of darkness and drug enhanced melodies.

Yes, there are two “fillers,” but I enjoy both of them. “Old Skin” and “The Beautiful Downgrade” are both poems. It is Dax reading poems in a weird voice above a very weird, industrial sounding background. I love them for their ability to add to the bizarre sounds of this album and compliment this bands beauty in darkness. The poems have some amazing lines, and if you like lyrics a lot, check them out. But they are not actual songs, so don’t get your hopes up, although, I think they’re awesome!

Anyways, this is one of my all time favourite albums, and it should be an amazing experience for anybody who actually knows and enjoys music. This is a must have! I mean that, these guys were just fucking incredible, as close to perfect as it will ever get! So check these Southern psycho’s out!

Highlights: “Bleed Me and Ocean”, “Locust Spawning”, “Venus Blue”, “13 Fingers”, “New Death Sensation” and “New Corpse”.

One of the best albums I have ever heard - 99%
Written by ozzeh on December 23rd, 2008

"Paegan Terrorism Tactics" is one of the most solid musical entities I've ever experienced. I say experienced because of the sheer gloomy aesthetics of this monstrous progressive sludge work of art.

Acid Bath takes the best aspects of 90s alternative hard rock in the vein of Soundgarden and Alice in Chains and injects their 90s alt influence with 100% metal steroids. The addictive qualities of "PTT" are akin to heroin. The vocals are quite possibly my favorite part of the brilliance which is Acid Bath: the clean, emotive strung out vocals are accentuated with a demonic hardcore antagonist which adds dimensionality superseding any alternative rock album ever in pure vocal talent alone.

Whereas "Where the Kite String Pops" featured a predominantly hardcore influenced stoner/metal amalgam, "PTT" adds a severe dosage of doom to give the overall impact a very unique mix of hardcore/sludge/doom/prog metal bliss. The guitar tone is gorgeous and the guitar playing is equally gorgeous, every riff, every chorus, every lyric, every note is perfect. I've never experienced a doom/sludge metal album near this perfect with the sole exception of some of Neurosis' output.

The vocal performances cannot be understated. Equal in perfection is the production with is as brooding as the music itself: the artwork on their albums is done by serial killers: that's kind of the fucked up feeling "PTT" will give you. This is something you have to listen to dozens upon dozens of times to truly appreciate, though contrarily it will captivate even the most casual listener upon the first listen.

Dark and Violent - 97%
Written by ProMetal2007 on February 10th, 2006

Acid Bath's Paegen Terrorism Tatics is a blend of most true types of metal. It's classified as Sludge/Doom Metal which is a good interpretation, but a big Stoner influence is also shown, no doubt. In the album they go from Doomy Sabbath material all the way to a Death Metal Sludge much which sounds a lot like extreme thrash (borderline death) with a heavy punk influence (hence the Sludge). The Doomier side of Acid Bath shows melody and good songwriting skills, songs like Bleed Me an Ocean, Dead Girl, and New Death Sensation tend to stick with you long after the listening. The lyrics are dark and depressed and give off a psychotic mood throughout the whole album, and are graphic and detailed. Dax Riggs is a very able and talented vocalist and consists of the core and soul of the album, along with the rest of the band have great chemistry.

The album starts off with Paegen Love Song, a heavy sludge/doom number that chugs along with a good chorus and sets the tone of the album. From there it gets out of contol, Bleed Me an Ocean is a classic Doom song. Dark, slow, and of course depressing. Graveflower gets a shot of melody and keeps the slow pace and doom that was used on the last song. Diäb Soulé picks things way up, one of the most extreme Sludge songs on the album. It's face paced and for the first time (and not last) we hear the harsh death metal like vocals used. Locust Spawning doesn't pussy out or get any slower, it just builds on from the last song. A great fast riff drives this one, mixed with a heavy bass backing. Old Skin is odd, like poetry, and is demented. It's weird enough to make you listen every once and awhile. New Death Sensation is one of the, if not the best song on the album. It starts out acoustically with melodic vocals, it gets out the beautiful suicidal message encoded in it. The song eventually switches from it's acoustic vibe back to electric, but keeping the pace and mood. Venus Blue leaves off where New Death Sensation stopped, but gets heavier and adds more power to it. The chorus is amazing on this song too, again showing the song writing ability of Riggs. 13 Fingers and New Corpse are heavy Sludge, almost pounding the record to a close. Before it can though, the acoustic song Dead Girl shows up and just about steals the album. The song's only about seven minutes and twenty seconds but the record keeps it on until the 24:08 mark and then we hear an odd outro, like Old Skin and it ends.

This album's great for anyone that enjoys any kind of extreme metal, who knows where these guys could of been if it wasn't for Audie Pitre passing on in that car accident. Acid Bath capture a dark and dry depressed sense, and do it almost perfectly. The two inserts (Old Skin and The Untitled Track) are really not needed but are unique in their own way, and are good for a novelty every now and then. If you like true extreme metal, then Acid Bath probably will do something for you.


Seriously, if any of you have not heard this, do yourselves a favor and get this NOW!

That's why I put all the reviews up, to let all of you who may not know just how great this band really was/is. - swampchode

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