Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mule Skinner

"In true grindcore tradition, Mule Skinner rip and tear their way through 23 intense tracks in about 35 odd minutes. Each track is a crushing, tornado of punk infused crusty grind with loads of blast beats, crushing breakdowns, odd riffs, grunted vocals and raw power. Mule Skinner are unmistakenly a grindcore band but unlike any other that you have heard. The vocals are nothing spectacular, just solid grunts with some occasional deeper growls and higher pitched stuff, it all fits the music well though and the occasional variations keep the vocals from being stale and monotonous.
The skinbashing honours are handled by Todd Capiton, known for his work with fellow New Orlean's grinders, Flesh Parade. Capiton's powerhouse performance adds lots of energy to the album, as he delivers a varied and pummelling performance.
The production may turn off certain grind fans used to the more polished modern grind stuff ( e.g. Nasum, Leng Tch'e etc...) but it really doesn't take anything away from the album. If anything the raw production reminds me of earlier Pig Destroyer releases, by the fact that the recording sounds kind of "cheap", adding a real "garage grind" vibe but still offering plenty of clarity. The mix is nice and even, though the vocals are sometimes buried a little too deep in the mix. The bass drums sound surprisingly good, with a thick, full sound and nicley placed in the mix.
Abuse may not be the finest example of grind but it is a more then worthwhile purchase outshining many grind bands from today and the mid 90's era where this album was spawned. The lack of availability of this release is even more motivation for you grind freaks to track this fucker down and become one of only a select amount of people lucky enough to own this killer, underappreciated grindcore gem. No direspect to the guys in flesh Parade but this album is a superior release to anything Flesh Parade has come out with thus far in their career."

1. Against 00:41
2. War Horse 02:07
3. Mule Fuck 01:18
4. Shithouse 01:40
5. Power Struggle 01:10
6. Rim Job 01:53
7. Mass Mover 01:08
8. Blower 01:45
9. Burn Out 02:21
10. Dehumanized 01:36
11. Plowed Over 02:20
12. Walking Through Walls 01:44
13. Bow Down 01:19
14. Penetration 01:41
15. Nails 01:16
16. Landslide 01:09
17. Crippling 01:19
18. Suffer 01:36
19. Servitude 01:16
20. Parasites 01:34
21. Cease Peace... 01:00
22. ...More War 00:33
23. Abuse 02:13
Total playing time 35:43

Origin: USA
Genre: Grindcore
Bitrate: 220kb/s VBR


Mule Skinner - Stripped of Flesh Demo 1991

Demo, N/A

Two versions exist.
1. Smothered in Flesh 01:44
2. Dominance 01:30
3. Primitive Slaughter 01:48
4. Stripped 00:56
5. Power Press 01:20
Total playing time 07:18


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