Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cannabis Corpse

Cannabis Corpse is a band that was born in the summer of 2006 as a way to express our love of smoking weed and listening to Cannibal Corpse.

The tunes for the first album "blunted at birth" were recorded in Weedgrinders kitchen on a boss br 900 digital 8-track while slowly smoking away huge chunks of memory with the finest bud in oregon hill.

We did it in the hopes of creating a band that got you stoned with a sick oldschool death metal sound alone! We can promise you that every growl, every guitar riff, and every drum beat was done when we were completely obliterated on sweet sweet chiba.We wanted people to spark up a doober and follow along with the lyrics so they could be transported into a horrific world where you are not safe from getting your weed stolen by bloodthirsty zombies or getting captured by an ancient cult that cultivates demonic weed with the blood and body parts of sacred ritual sacrifice! We had no Idea just how well received the album would be by all our "buds" out there in the death metal community. -taken from their Myspace page

Blunted at Birth - 2006

Track Listing:

1.Blunted at Birth03:41
2.Staring Through My Eyes That Are Red03:02
3.Reefer Stashed Place03:01
4.Force Fed Shitty Grass03:06
5.I Cum Bud04:16
6.I Will Smoke You03:06
7.When Weed Replaces Life03:14
Total playing time23:26

Tube of the Resinated - 2008

Track Listing:

2.Mummified in Bong Water04:04
3.Disposal of the Baggy03:23
4.Every Bud Smoken03:24
5.Sentenced to Burn One03:31
6.Addicted to Hash in a Tin04:31
7.Fucked With Northern Lights03:21
8.Experiment in Horticulture04:25
9.Gallery of Stupid High03:21
Total playing time33:11


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