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Icepick Revival was formed somewhere around 1995-96 by Ryan Pankratz and Brett Judice in the good old swamps of Lafayette, Louisiana. They were quickly graced with the technical guitar prowess of one Stephen Sheppert, and so the gnarcore began... 5 or 6 years go by, a couple of releases, one on the short lived, New Orleans based,"8013 Records" run by Bret Davis of Spickle, two other tracks on the Berserker Records compilation "South Of Hell" that also featured Dove, Rwake, Hawg Jaw, Leechmilk, and some other greats... then they hooked up with At A Loss Recordings through the fine gentlemen of Meatjack. The Daniloski brothers delivered a demo to the heads at At A Loss and shortly there-after a 3 song monument to psychedelic technicality was birthed. then they got all sour-faced and kicked the proverbial bucket. pretty much right as the 3 song monster "Distress Signal" dropped... bastards.
The CD is still available through Itunes and through Stickfigure Distribution. you should definitely add it to your collection if you like your heaviness on the frantic-strange side of life. Get it here:
Brett Judice and Stephen Sheppert have moved on to form Collapsar, a monsterpiece of technical, math wizardry in the instrumental quadron. Go check out some Collapsar why don't ya!!!!
Ryan Pankratz can be found within the volume volcano known as The Devil And The Sea. sludge-fed and decibal dosed doom rock for the punishment gluttons out there... go check out The Devil And The Sea

- taken from their Myspace page

"This some serious math stuff, and I love it. Fans of Dazzling Killmen's face of Collapse step forward and indulge. Three songs on this Distress Signal EP don't discriminate at all. Tight well rehearsed hard corechestrated ryhthms and tempo changes that will blow your mind. Great hardcore fun too for those that are into bands like Assuck and Man is the Bastard. "

"Think old Today is the Day mixed with some phenomenal hardcore and topped off with some extremely innovative songwriting. When I think a song is headed in a certain direction they do the complete opposite of what I expect. In my opinion, Icepick Revival are the future of underground heavy music."
Chris Barnes

Icepick Revival - 1999 - Pecavi

Track Listing:

1) Lockjaw

2) Life of Peasants

3) Ventricle

4) Dominatrix


Icepick Revival - 2001 - Distress Signal

1) Dirtmask

2) The Perils of Self Assertion

3) Mahalia


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