Friday, February 12, 2010

Beherit - Oath Of Black Blood

2004 re-issue of the classic 1991 release. The black metal cliches "raw" and "primitive" barely scratch the surface of this one. Check this out from Encyclopaedia Metallum -

Turbo Music sent a large sum of money to the Beherit members to record "The Oath of Black Blood" album, though they didn't expect that Holocausto and friends would spend all of money on drugs and booze. In the end, there was no album, so Turbo Music decided to release the "Demonomancy" demo along with "Dawn of Satan's Millennium" 7'' as a full length. It is still widely regarded as their first album."

Whether that story's true or not, Oath Of Black Blood and Drawing Down The Moon are Beherit essentials!

"One of the darkest, most brutal, most perverse creatures of the blackest abysses south of heaven! In the year 1991 "The Oath Of Blood" marked the debut-album of Finnish psychopaths BEHERIT. 99% of all Metalians hate them to the blood, while the rest truly worships them. These hell's children offer everything that the underground of the "black" scene would use as ideal: An absolutely subterranean production, most primitive songs and an atmosphere that is so cold like flames from hell!

No band ever has been deeper in the underground as BEHERIT here! Even the prime examples for the nihilistic sound like old DARKTHRONE or BLACK FUNERAL sound like mass-compatible chart-breakers compared to this one! The best produced track is the intro, but what then breaks loose is the pure hell (for each HiFi-friend!). Ten hardly definable walls of white noise, straight-ahead. No lyrics have been printed, I'm not even sure, if there are any to be found. And if so, then would they be too extreme for this world?

Those, who enter, let loose all hopes. Because this groats is the weirdest noise that you could possibly imagine. And therefore it cannot be more cult!!! And now all: THE DEVIL HAVE SONS THEY CALL BEHERIT. (Quote from the info-sheet of Turbo Music - just as much cult as the band itself.) Watch out for the re-release, which should be out any day now. You can get it from every mailorder and the bedlam next door" - Metalobserver

  1. Intro
  2. Metal Of Death
  3. The Oath Of Black Blood
  4. Grave Desecration
  5. Witchcraft
  6. Goat Worship
  7. Demonomancy
  8. Black Mass Prayer
  9. Beast Of Damnation
  10. Hail Sathanas
  11. Dawn Of Satan's Millenium
Beherit - OOBB : Awright.....



  1. they're just dimmu borgir rip offs...


  2. Hahahaha!

    Good one, I needed a good laugh first thing this morning. Thanks!


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