Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dax Riggs - Unknown Album


Here's a bunch of "rare" songs by one of my favorite vocalists of all time, Dax Riggs.  I'm sure these songs have been spread all over the internet like the plague over the years, but fuck it!  i haven't posted it here yet so, here goes! Photo by J. Bennett

Track Listing:

1.  A Spinning Song
2.  Black Crayon
3.  Blood Music
4.  Filling Empty Holes
5.  Filling Empty Holes (1?)
6.  Fly on the Eye of LA
7.  Fly on the Eye of LA (1?)
8.  Grand Dark Feeling of Em
9.  Heart in Hand
10. How Long the Night Was
11. In Death I'm Only Hiding
12. Intro
13. Kissed By Lightning
14. Soul of a Beer Can
15. Stop I'm Already Dead
16. Stranger to Reason
17. Thing In a Jar
18. Thing In a Jar Mess-up
19. Tomorrow We Jump



  1. Just when I thought my Dax Riggs collection was complete, I stumbled upon this little gem. Some of these songs are ones I've been searching for but have never been able to find, and some I've just never heard of. Thanks!

  2. If you have anything that I'm missing, please send it in, I'll post it up.


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