Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rise Above - I Love to Relax (2001)

I Love To Relax

Genre - Grindcore
Origin - Tokyo, Japan
Time - 17:42 min.
File - 34.91 (320kbps)

A grindcore band from Japan. Named after the song Rise Above by the grindcore gods themselves, Napalm Death. It is unknown when the band formed but it is known that they broke up in 2001. In the time of their existence, they released two albums, two splits, and contributed a few tracks to the compilation Murderous Grind Attack. (lastFM)

Track List:
1. Collect
2. A.U.I
3. Aqua
4. Relax
5. Standpoint
6. Pulse
7. Nowhere
8. Human Squeeze

9. Walk Through
10. Bury
11. Forward
12. MPA
13. P.S.D
14. Dead State
15. Raining
16. Blood

Killer, Grindcore from Japan brought to you by 625 Thrashcore. This was the bands last recorded effort from 2001 released as a 3" Cd. In the early stages they leaned more towards Death Metal but their sound evolved into stripped down, raw D.I.Y Grindcore. Here's their output before disbanding: a split w/ C.S.S.O (1999), "Sound Systematic Grind" full length (1999), split w/Machetazo (2000) and this (2001).



  1. grindcore from Japan on 625 know it's good.

    thanks mate

  2. I agree Vonfrost! I'm a long time follower and supporter of 625


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