Monday, December 21, 2009

Afroskull - 2005 - Afroskull Does Black Sabbath

Afroskull is:
Joe Scatassa - guitar, vocals
Matt Iselin - keyboards, vocals
Dan Asher - bass
and Bearded Jon Stonbely - bass
Jason Isaac - drums
Seth Moutal - his dudeness, or el duderito if you're not into the whole brevity thing - percussion

With frequent help in New York from:
Jeff Pierce - trumpet
Justin Flynn - tenor sax
Rafi Malkiel - trombone

and in New Orleans:
Bill Richards - bass, vocals
Rick Trolsen - trombone
Chuck Arnold - trumpet
Jason Mingledorf - tenor sax
Magic Earl Scioneaux - keyboards


Zappa, Funkadelic, Black Sabbath, The Meters, Charles Mingus, The Headhunters, Gentle Giant, Neslort, Smilin' Myron, and all the great music of New Orleans

Track Listing:

1Rat Salad
2Electric Funeral
3Children of the Grave
4Fairies Wear Boots
5A National Acrobat
6Wicked World
7Into The Void
8Iron Man

Afroskull is greasy persuasion and bad gris-gris. A New York City funk/rock collective by way of New Orleans, the ‘Skull is a sonic gumbo that is one part Funkadelic and one part Black Sabbath with generous helpings of Zappaesque runs and jazzoid horns. The interplay of their heady musicianship, simmering hyper kinetics and fat bottomed grooves helps to keep les bon temps rouler all night long.
  - taken from their Myspace

This is the infamous AfroSabbath show, recorded live at the Mermaid Lounge in New Orleans in 2001.  This somewhat official bootleg recording was released by Secret Ninja Records in 2005 but has long been out of print.  I was lucky enough to receive this from a friend a few years back.  Check it out!


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  1. Astounding! Brilliant stuff! Thanx so much. If you could post " To Obscurity and Beyond" that would be fuckin balls! NOLA rules! keep it up, great blog


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