Thursday, December 17, 2009

Egypt - 2007 - Egypt EP

2007 - Egypt EP

Stoner/Doom Metal
United States of America (Fargo, North Dakota)    
Last known line-up
Aaron Esterby - vocals & electric bass
Chad Heille - percussion
Ryan Grahn - electric guitar

Track Listing:

Remasterd by James Plotkin (Khanate, O.L.D., etc.)
1.Valley Of The Kings       
2.Queen Of All Time (Red Giant)       
3.Dirty Witch       
4.Touch Ground
5. Valley of the Kings (live)

It’s a little hard to dig up information regarding Egypt.  All I know is that this trio hailed from Fargo, ND and that they were the only band playing that style (stoner/doom) in the area. Lyderhorn Records have taken on the task of having James Plotkin (Khanate, OLD) remaster the only four songs (from a demo) Egypt ever recorded and release them in vinyl. The result is great. The guitar is super chunky and has great punch. It has all come together in a very organic manner that matches up to the band’s obvious ideas. On the third track for instance, Egypt sounds a bit like Bad Company had the guitar slot been filled by Tony Iommi. It’s a long jam of over seven minutes that is about sweaty licks more than heavy bashing.

This is easily one of the most played albums in my collection.  Fans of Kyuss, Suplecs, etc. 

Load a bowl and solve the riddle of the sphinx


  1. Great blog, I found little pearl here!

  2. Thanks for this! It's hard to find it! NOLA rules!

  3. These guys have a new record now


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