Monday, December 28, 2009

Exhorder - 1986 - Get Rude Demo

1986 - Get Rude (Demo) 

Kyle Thomas - vocals
Vinnie Labella - guitar
David Main - guitar
Andy Villaferra - bass
Chris Nail - drums

Track Listing:

1.Bestial Noise/Wake the Dead       
2.Ripping Flesh       
4.Legions of Death   
6.Anal Lust

This is the first demo by legendary Louisiana thrash/groove masters Exhorder.

Exhorder are often said to have created the groove-oriented thrash metal sound that was copied and popularized by Pantera. The band is either more or less indifferent to such sentiment as they were friends with Pantera and were saddened by the passing of Dimebag Darrell. However, they do not deny the possibility of them having influenced Pantera's sound even though Kyle Thomas has stated Pantera deserves the praise they receive as he feels Pantera always worked much harder than Exhorder ever did at being successful. - taken from the M-A page

These guys have always been one of my favorites, if you do not know who they are, I suggest you check them out here

Get Rude

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  1. To me they sound nothing alike, although the only similarity I hear is the vocals. Never the less there both kick ass bands.


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