Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eat a Bag of Dicks - Kissing Croations and Tour EP

2002 and / or 2003? Kissing Croations EP  and Tour Demo

Before I give you the track listings, let me just say that I have nothing but the absolute greatest memories from these guys.  I went to probably damn near every show that they played here in New Orleans.  I had lost this a looooong time ago, and I was extremley pissed off at myself for doing so, mainly because I new it would be damn near impossible to ever hear this stuff again.  I called a bunch of old friends, dug through cd bins at pawn shops, and drove myself and my wife crazy in the process of tracking this down.  After weeks and months of digging, calling, and looking, something great happened.  I found a CD-R copy that I had stashed away in a box of stuff at my mothers' house.  Unfortunately, it looked like someone tried to clean the cd with a piece of sandpaper.  Back to square one.  I started calling, emailing, and all that stuff again.  Then, a miracle happened.  I got in touch with an old friend named Bryan.  Some of you may know him by a band called "Thou".  Some people hated him, but we used to jokingly call him "The Godfather", mostly because the way we saw things, he was pretty much the biggest reason that New Orleans had any type of Punk/Hardcore scene.  He was, at that time, one of the hardest working fuckers in the city.  Obviously a few years didn't change things much, as he is still working his ass off with his current projects.  After talking through a few emails back and forth, he saves the fucking day! He emailed me both EP's ,with song titles too!

Now, a little about the band:

Eat a Bag of Dicks were CRAZY!  At one time there were probably literally 15 vocalists. Think punk influenced grind for alcoholics and raging lunatics.  Actually, just listen to it. Make your own judgment.  If any of you do not like it, I don't care.  I just figured I'd share my personal Holiday miracle with all of you. 

Track Listing:

1  -  Stormseeker - The Source of my Power
2  -  I'm In Love with a coffee & company girl
3  -  The Massive Hug Rules the Mosh Pit
4  -  Soundman! Your Hatred is Tangeable
5  -  I have a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell
6  -  Same Old Shit
7  -  Undone (The Robinsons' Song)
8  -  10 O'clock in the morning (I'm gonna fuck your ass)
9  -  This is for Dave, you fired Dave, I always liked Dave
10-  Dan Fox pierced his scrotum for the Saints
11-  Wrastlin' is for morons, retards, and stupid bitches
12-  The Day everyone ran out to buy American flag paraphernalia for every day of the week.
13-  Come wit it now, crowd, give me an "I" and follow that up with an Njustice

Seriously, this made my day.  


Huge, morbidly obese thanks to Bryan F!!!!! 


  1. Fuck Yes!! Thanks man. Rare gems right here...

  2. No problem, I might have anarctica vs the world and crawfish fossil coming my way too.


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