Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gaurithoth - Satanic Perverse Black Latex Metal (demo, 1998)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Antichristian, Blasphemy, Perversions, Satan
Origin: Finland (Mikkeli)
Formed: 1997
Status: Split up

Track List:
1. Young, Horny ...But Dead 5:29
2. Unholy Pissing Ritual 3:02
3. Vomit Covers the Face of God 3:22
4. Leather Helmet of Satan's Bitch 4:00
5. Black Magic and Perversions 5:39
6. Bloody Cunt and Latex Glove 3:24
7. Journey to Halls of Whipped Flesh 4:20
8. Disgraced Will holy Souls Be 6:02
Total playing time

Today I am gonna explore the more perverted side of black metal. I have at least 3 albums in mind that deal in slave whipping S&M type stuff. The first is Gaurithoth who were pretty unknown but put out some great music in the vein of Horna with more chanting type choruses. The vocalist yells out maniacal rasps complemented with melodic and evil guitar work. It's truly good stuff.


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