Thursday, December 31, 2009

Children of a Dead God - 2007 - Baked In Hell

Well, I really don't know much about these guys except that they are from Pennsylvania and I used to talk with them on Myspace.  They have since deleted their account  BUT; I chatted with them everyday for a while and can say that they were cool dudes that loved smoking weed and jamming out.  They recorded this in 2007 and had asked if anyone wanted a copy, I figured since I was pretty much going back and forth talking about sludge and doom metal with them for a while, that I would get one from them.  Sure enough, I gave them my address and a few days later I got this demo in the mail.  It's very very lo-fi stoner improv type stuff but is still worth a listen, especially if you like obscure sludge and doom. I have no idea what ever happened to them, but hopefully they don't mind that I put this up for you all to check out.  Also, when I can, I'll scan the cover art that was hand drawn with black and green sharpie markers for this demo.

2007 - Baked In Hell

Track Listing:

1 -   Intro to Hell
2 -   On the Wings of a Demon
3 -   Pray to Your God
4 -   Same 'ol Shit
5 -   Trippin' in Hell
6 -   Helluva Idea
7 -   Wah Shit
8 -   Did You Hear That?
9 -   Relaxation
10 - Wake 'N Bake
12 - Trippin' in Hell pt. 2
13 - It's all your Fault

I know this may not appeal to everyone but, I was digging through a box of demos and stuff the other day and found this so I figured I'd share.  These guys were constantly online trying to spread this around so why not help them out, right?

GET BAKED (before listening)

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