Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hellveto - Od południa na północ... (2009)

Genre: Orchestral Pagan Black Metal
Origin: Poland (Ostrołęka)
Formed In: 1995
Current Label: Pagan Records
Status: Active
Current Lineup: L.O.N. - All Instruments and Vocals
Track Listing:
1. Od południa na północ... 4:46
2. The Day of Sorrow 6:31
3. Znak do bitwy 6:23
4. World of Neoheresy 7:10
5. Moc odrodzenia 6:03
6. Łuna 4:08
7. Gałąź i sznur 9:56
Total playing time
Here's the other recent release by Hellveto that I just said I would post. I'm sure you will enjoy this band if you are into stuff like Negură Bunget or Darkestrah.

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