Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hellveto - Kry (2009)

Genre: Orchestral Pagan Black Metal
Origin: Poland (Ostrołęka)
Formed In: 1995
Current Label: Pagan Records
Status: Active
Current Lineup: L.O.N. - All Instruments and Vocals

Track Listing:
1. Kry 5:35
2. Glód 7:53
3. Powiedz Mi... 4:26
4. Kraina Mgiel 4:05
5. Rzucone na Wiatr 5:25
6. Smak Zniewolenia 4:26
Total playing time

Amazingly enough, this is Hellveto's 13th full length release and the quality is astounding. You will be swept away to ancient forests and be engulfed in L.O.N.'s pagan vision. It's a shame this is so short, but don't worry because Hellveto also has another longer full length from 2009 and I'll be posting that one, too.


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