Friday, December 18, 2009

Village of Dead Roads - 2009 - Desolation Will Destroy You

2009 - Desolation Will Destroy You

Track Listing:

1. Our Cold War
2. Chemical Restraint
3. Giving the Snake Its Venom
4. Servants Make the Best Assassins
5. Of Sickness and Separation
6. Halo Becomes a Noose
7. Weight Of Loss
8. Leg to Stand On

I just got this cd in the mail a few days ago so I figured I'd share. 

Village of Dead Roads second full-length does everything you could ask of it while retaining its identity and, perhaps most notably on Of Sickness and Separation, being heavy as hell. If their mission is to strip their appointed subgenre of bullshit, they're well on their way.

Desolation will destroy 

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