Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Suffer - 2004 - When Darkness Falls

Suffer was forged from the deep swamps of Louisiana, unleashing the intense musical ideas and ambitions brought forth by Tomas Viator (Disincarnate, Acid Bath, Shrum, Astaroth) Kelly Pitre (Shrum, Vual) and Tim Holsinger (Goatwhore, Psycho Scenario). Suffer takes their listeners on a voyage into a cold world where blasphemy reigns supreme, war is never ending and the sound of steel breaking bones echoes for miles. With the unrelenting, powerful drive of Tommy's drums, the demonic rumble of Kelly's bass and the hellish screams and chainsaw guitar riffs of Tim, Suffer brings black metal to new level without losing their old school attitude. Suffer's debut album entitled "When Darkness Falls" was released on Northern Blaze Records June 1st 2004.

2004 - When Darkness Falls

Track Listing:

2.Inside the Womb of Emptiness   
3.Plague of the Whore   
4.Interlude I   
5.Ascending From Ruin
6.Shell of an Angel
7.Interlude II
8.Reign of Darkness
9.Charge of the Dark Goddess
10. Destroying Existence
11. Untitled Track

Big thanks to DEVILDOWNINGA for this one.  I hadn't heard this in a while.

Don't be stupid people.... it's time to suffer.

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