Friday, March 19, 2010

Ben Weasel & His Iron String Quartet - These Ones Are Bitter (2007)

Genre: Pop Punk
Origin: Chicago Illinois
Label: Mendota Recording Company
Producer: Mike Kennerty
File: 82 Mb (320kbps)

Ben Weasel- vocals
Mike Kennerty- guitar/ producer
Dan Andriano- bass
Chris Gaylor- drums

1. Let Freedom Ring
2. In A Few Days
3. Got My Number
4. Happy Saturday
5. Sour All Over
6. The First Day of Spring
7. Blue Is The Ocean
8. Affected By You
9. Jeanette
10. Addition By Subtraction
11. Give It Time
12. Summer's Always Gone Too Soon
13. In A Bad Place
14. Only In November
Total Playing Time: 36:56

Oh my god is this album ever a sing-along fun good time! This is Ben (Screeching Weasel) at his best and it's about as addictive as an album can get. This is one happy uplifting hop hop pogolicious rocking good time. Back to the basics of good time rock n roll on this one.

These Ones Are Bitter

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