Friday, March 5, 2010

The Pallbearers - Murder Capital (2009)


2009 - Murder Capital

Back in 1997 the Pallbearers hit the New Orleans scene... a gerbil in a blender - with lots of beer, b-movies, and 'Blood and Guts'. But that isn't the worst of it!

With songs about booze and dead rumps, these butt-belching creeps aren't messing around! Like a vibrating dildo in your ass, they're always stirring things up. The Pallbearers create energy driven, 'fast as fuck', drunk punk inspired by the likes of Poison Idea and GG Allin.

Pop a brew in your local cemetery and scream the tunes out loud!!!

Track Listing:

1.  Wallride
2.  Shut The Fuck Up
3.  Don't Look At Me
4.  Murder Capital
5.  Faggot Priest
6.  Sometimes Dead Is Better
7.  Green Egg
8.  Big Favor
9.  See of Pee
10. Morbidly Obsessed
11. Dirty Hippy Whore
12. Chocolate Donut
13. The Ladykiller
14. Fat Monkey
15. 2000 People
16. Posers Go Home
17. Beat The Fuck Out Of You
18. Checkin' It Twice

Here is Murder Capital by New Orleans Punks' The Pallbearers.  This is another GREAT album from the bowels of the Crescent City.  If you enjoyed Sex Crime of The Century, be sure to check this out.


And don't forget to check out Terror Optics Studios!


  1. Hey Chode, Are you goin' to the Turley/III show?
    Have you heard any of the "Anger Management"
    stuff live? What do you think? If you go, would
    you be willin' to put up a li'l review? I love the
    man for bein' a Saint, but that don't mean I want him throwin' helmets around in my ears. Thankye kindly.

  2. I'm not sure yet if I will be able to make it to this show. I'd really like to check out Turley's band though. I try to make it to every show Hank III plays here, so if I do end up going I'll gladly post up what I think of it. I love what you said about loving him for being a Saint, I'd rather he keep his helmet to himself. LOL


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