Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Les Discrets - Septembre et ses dernières Pensées (2010)

Genre: Post Rock, Shoegaze
Origin: France
Status: Active
Label: Prophecy Productions
File: 80 Mb (280 Vbr)

Fursy Teyssier (Amesoeurs, Phest) - All instruments and vocals

1. L' Envol Des Corbeaux
2. L' Echappee
3. Les Feuilles De L' Olivier
4. Song For Mountains
5. Sur Les Quais
6. Effet De Nuit
7. Septembre Et Ses Dernieres Pensees
8. Chanson D' Automne
9. Svipdagr & Freyja
10. Une Matinee D' Hiver

Les Discrets is a solo project from Fursy Teyssier from Amesoeurs so you can kind of know what to expect. This is a rock album and there's virtually no black metal involved. So basically it's a beautifully crafted shoegaze album with swirling dreamy guitars, hypnotic rhythms and tender and smooth clean male vocals. If you like music with a wistful, nostalgic feeling throughout, this is for you.

Septembre et ses dernières Pensées


  1. Unholy gods that's beautiful! Did they release
    the Alcest split EP yet? Anything older you have
    of theirs, I'd be mighty indebted to hear. This
    is truly incredible work.

  2. they have an 4 song s/t ep and 3 songs on the Alcest split, and I think that's that. I'll post them up later today


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