Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Angry Johnny and The Killbillies - Killville Auto Salvage Vol. 2 (2001)


2001 - Killville Auto Salvage Vol. 2

Track Listing:

1.  She Ain't You
2.  Drinking Your Memory Away
3.  Bring Me The Head Of Angry Johnny
4.  A Body Doing Time
5.  Charlie Walker
6.  My Mangled Blow Up Head
7.  Never Counted On A Creep
8.  Done My Time In Hell
9.  Jesus Please Come Down
10. Mean Motherfucker Blues
11. Thank Your Lucky Stars
12. Girls Like You

Here is Volume 2 of the Killville Auto Salvage series which features more rare tunes, outtakes and alternate versions of some of the more well known Angry Johnny songs. 

Just look at the title of track six.  If that's not enough reason to check this out, I don't know what is. 


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