Thursday, March 25, 2010

Phillip Roebuck - One-Man Band (2004)

2004 - One-Man Band

"Phillip Roebuck is poorly suited to written description. Merely describing what he does makes it sound trivial, when it is actually mind-blowing. Phillip is a one-man band in the traditional mould: He sings, plays banjo and harmonica with a bass drum strapped to his back, which he operates with a foot-powered harness that also plays the tambourine and maracas. See? That sounds silly, doesn't it? But Phil isn't silly, he is both a delightful oddity and the purest kind of genius. He plays in a frenetic style that suits his reedy, mountain-style singing, and manages to sound both plaintive and raucous at the same time. Look past the contraption and be enlightened."
-Steve Albini, 2004

"Imagine you are a one-man band. There's a huge backpack-like contraption that's holding a bass drum with two cords attached to mallets. There's one cord coming down to each leg for drum control. When you stomp each leg you make a thundering drum sound. Sound cool? There's more. While rhythmically pounding both feet to the ground, creating your desired drum sound, you are also equipped with a banjo. You play this banjo with ever increasing force and skill throughout the song. Now the crowd is mesmerized. They've never seen or heard anything like it. There's no niche or category to file this under. It's just simply amazing. One of the most inspiring shows I've seen all year. John Peel would have been proud."
Autopia John Peel Memorial, 2005
"He plucks that banjo like a madman, like the devil himself."
-New York Press
"Whirling one-man banjo ninja is in fighting form."
-Europe Intelligence Wire

"There's no niche or category to file this under. It's just simply amazing."

Track Listing:

1.  Summons Song
2.  Coward Day
3.  Wheatback Penny
4.  Be My Little Widow
5.  The Banyan Tree
6.  Carolina Requiem
7.  Carrick Bend
8.  Rattleback Blues
9.  Amanda
10. Milk Rag
11. Braxton Hicks
12. Running Home

Holy shit!  I can't believe I still have not posted this up yet.  This guy is amazing.  Just take my word on this one, you won't be disappointed.

Check him out here



  1. This is really cool, not really what I was expecting, but very cool.

  2. This is sooo good. Thank you. This music is pure.


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