Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bob Wayne and The Outlaw Carnies - Blood to Dust

2005 - Blood to Dust

Track Listing:

1.  Road Bound
2.  Ghost Town
3.  27 Years
4.  La Diabla
5.  Bride
6.  My Only Friend
7.  Blood to Dust
8.  Five In The Mornin'
9.  Darkness
10. Work of the Devil
11. Cardboard Blues

Here's another great album by Bob Wayne and his crew of freaks.

Check him out here



  1. Lovin' these guys. Thanks for the head's up on 'em.
    Always love songs about headin' south on 65! \m/

  2. Bob Wayne is one cool fucker! I have the other two discs if you are interested

  3. Never mind the previous comment I'm a idiot..haha! As I scrolled down the page behold. Looking forward to the vinyl pressings

  4. Thanks for the offer Mr. T! I'll be putting up Driven by Demons tomorrow as well as a few other county goodies if I have the time. If you have anything else that you think any of us would like feel free to send them in. You can never have too much good music.

  5. what the hell the link is broken

  6. Could we get a re-up? Thank you


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