Saturday, March 13, 2010

Angry Johnny and The Killbillies - Killville Auto Salvage Vol.3 (2004)

2004 - Killville Auto Salvage Volume Three

Track Listing:

1.  Hey Darwin
2.  40 More Miles
3.  Chiquita
4.  Bought You A Rose
5.  Ain't Funny Anymore
6.  Davie & Jeanie
7.  Monkey Face Gene
8.  Don't Give A Shit About Me
9.  Toad (acoustic)
10. Over You
11. Won't Get Me Out Of Your Mind
12. Nuclear Man
13. Yankee Doodle Meltdown

Here is the third album of the Killville Auto Salvage series featuring more rarities from Angry Johnny and the gang.  If you enjoyed the rest, you'll love this one too.  


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