Thursday, March 18, 2010

Carusella (2008)

2008 - Carusella

Aphek and Shechter has recorded and toured together for 3 years with the band ‘ED’ which broke up closely to when "Carusella" was born. Both are considered well known figures in the Israeli alternative music scene. Aphek initiated and produced the first Israeli Independent Alternative "outdoors" festival in the north of Israel which is called ‘Hutsmize’. Shechter in his past has recorded and toured with various Israeli bands such as: ‘Kruzenshtern & Parohod’; ‘Monotonix’; ‘O.B.E.Y’; ‘Flying Baby’, ‘Superdrive’ and many more.  ‘Carusella’ brings out the essence of “Boy-Girl”, “super loud”, “two people are enough”. Their live performance presents their tensed chemistry and explosive charged energies. Carusella's debut EP album shows their genuine and innovative approach to rock'n'roll, stretching the boundaries by writing unique hardcore songs yet arranging them in a poppy way. Now After two years of touring Europe and spreading their self produced/distributed debut EP, the two are touring the US.

Track Listing:

1. Sally
2. Conclusions
3. Star Quality
4. Surrender
5. Hunt
6. You Say
7. I Smile

Carusella  played New Orleans last Monday night.  They had to follow two of the heaviest sets I've witnessed in a LONG time.... Thou, followed by Haarp.  Needless to say, they did a great job.  They kept the energy flowing and I kept the beers flowing.  After Carusella, Torche closed the show.  It was definitely a strange lineup but somehow, it worked very well. 

Check them out here


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