Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Zydepunks - Finisterre (2008)

2008 - Finisterre

The fourth record from these New Orleans cult favorites is a kick ass good time with Eastern European, Breton and Cajun grooves infused with a fierce punk energy and lyrics in Spanish, English, French Creole and Yiddish. Comparisons to Gogol Bordello are inevitable but these five would absolutely hold their own in a sweat soaked dance floor throw-down.  - taken from Now Hear This

Track Listing:

1.  Papirossen in Gan Eden
2.  Angel Whiskey
3.  Blood Song
4.  Por la orilla del mar
5.  Dear Molly
6.  When My Ship Sails Away
7.  One More Chance
8.  Cuando crecerán los flores
9.  Song for Mike
10. Long Story Short
11. La vie est courte et cruelle

I thought I posted this up last week but as crazy as things have been going for me it must have slipped my mind.  These guys need no introduction here, unless you are a new visitor, The Zydepunks come back strong with 2008's Finisterre.  Expect more of what you heard on their previous efforts, as well as, (in my opinion) a tighter band as a whole.  I like to say that these guys sound could be described as "Heavy Zydeco" or "Zydecore".  I don't want to start a 3 year debate about sub sub sub sub sub sub genre's or anything though, ha!

Check them out HERE


Kur, your gonna love this one. 


  1. another good one. damn, some of these songs are really catchy. Also, it's probably just me, but the rythym section of this band is just amazing

  2. They just get better and better with each release. I believe that they have a new bassist now as well.

  3. Have you given Gogol Bordello a listen yet? Gypsy punk at it's best! Head to gogolbordello.com for a free download of "Pala Tute"!!

  4. Thanks Kathy, I'll be sure to check them out.


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