Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bob Wayne and The Outlaw Carnies - 13 Truckin' Songs

13 Truckin' Songs

Bob Wayne and his Outlaw carnies have a revolving crew of entertainers. There have been many misfits thus far and there's sure to be many more. To date the carnival has staged Joe Buck, Andy Gibson, the fine gent who recorded the From blood to Dust album- yes folks he's a man of man talents, Trey Dalton, Donny Paycheck, Little Frenchy Girlpants, Pat Fuckin Brown of Tacoma, Martin O' Dirty, Charlie "His parents never gave him a last name", TAD "Bullfrog Mc Gee",Jimmy Finkley, Velvet Davis, Sammy "The Bearded Lady", and Shane " the Alchemist"and yes Dan Infectoid of the Me Infecto, Donny Herron or Tommy or whatever his name is, Sheltonian, JillJill, Billy 2nd place Cook, The Sound Junkie, my Uncle Buck, T-lex, Mr. Don Robertson, Maria the drummer, DOGBITE, Spanky Eddie and the third dude you know who you are, Chris Scruggs, Sarah Gwen, Jacob, Crumville Records, Everyone at Eagle creek, Adam Watters, ONI INK, and many more to come!

Track Listing: 

1.  Mack
2.  Mornin' Time
3.  Devil Son
4.  Showdown
5.  Chatterbox
6.  Left Behind
7.  Long Way Down
8.  The Laugh
9.  100K
10. Movin' Out
11. 1985
12. One For the Ladies
13. Neath the Stone

I don't know what the official release date was but this is good stuff. Cockroach Media are re-releasing this on vinyl this Spring.  Check out the new cover art by "Dirty Donny" :

Cockroach Media will also be releasing Bob Wayne's other albums "Blood to Dust" and "Driven by Demons"  this summer. 



  1. Killer man! I lost my copy of this long ago. Good shit...

  2. Very cool, thank you. 'Definitely diggin' that cover art, too!


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