Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Reverend Horton Heat - The Full Custom Gospel Sounds Of.....(1993)

This is probably my favorite album by these crazy Texan's, but everything they've put out is really good. But what do you get when you mix Gibby Haynes with The Rev. and crew? Badassness, that's what...Not a filler song on this one and "Bales Of Cocaine" and "400 Bucks" are just flat out awesome! I've been listening to this from time to time for the last 15 years and it NEVER gets old.

"When the Reverend Horton Heat returned with a sophomore album, he had fellow manic Texan Gibby Haynes (of Butthole Surfers fame) riding the production board. Recorded in Memphis's Ardent Studios, GOSPEL SOUNDS is yet another rabble-rousing batch of slap bass, breakneck-speed guitar, and the raspy singing of the good Reverend Heat (Jim Heath).

When Heat isn't whooping it up with the lascivious "Wiggle Stick," he's putting on a nimble display of fingerpicking on the instrumental "Beer: 30." Unfettered garage rock is furiously delivered on such manic workouts as "Big Little Baby," the runaway "Lonesome Train," and the chugging, fleet-fingered "Bales of Cocaine," an amusing tale of drug smugglers. A highlight is the Mojo Nixon-flavored and absurd "You Can't Get Away From Me," a rollicking ditty about a groupie in which the Stray Cats, Charlie Sexton, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are mentioned. It's all wrapped up by the absurdist singalong double-entendre "Nurture My Pig," which segues into the avant-garde "Gin and Tonic Blues," an atonal dirge that the Reverend admitted to passing out in the middle of recording." ~

Recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tennessee.

Personnel: Reverend Horton Heat (vocals, guitar); Jimbo Wallace (vocals, upright bass); Taz (vocals, drums)

1. Wiggle Stick 3:00
2. 400 Bucks 3:09
3. The Devil's Chasing Me 5:21
4. Livin' on the Edge (Of Houston) 2:52
5. You Can't Get Away from Me 2:26
6. Beer:30 3:00
7. Big Little Baby 2:31
8. Lonesome Train Whistle 3:22
9. Bales of Cocaine 2:11
10. Loaded Gun 4:18
11. Nurture My Pig! 4:00
12. Gin and Tonic Blues 3:39

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