Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Psilocybinide - Across For Sympathy, Down For Death (2002)

Psilocybinide - Across For Sympathy, Down For Death

Genre: Stoner
Origin: Canada
Time: 25:54 min.
File: 53.09 MB (320 kbps)

Track Listing:

1. Face First Into The Sun/Two Black Horses
2. Cash, Grass Or Ass
3. Capsized
4. War
5. Whiskey Drinkin Blues

I could not find any information on this band but heres my story. I first heard Psilocybinide on Vol. 1 of the Stoner Rock comps of unsigned bands that you can download by going
here . The song was "Capsized" and for some reason it just stuck with me and left me wanting to hear more from them. I searched and searched to try to contact the band for more tunes but was unsuccessful so I gave up on my search. Fast forward a year and my search was back on. I found a link to Pablo, the drummers myspace page and contacted him to ask if Psilocybinide ever recorded a demo. He said yes, he had a copy that he would burn and send to me, needless to say it made my day! He asked where I had heard them so I told him and he said he forgot that they contributed to the compilation and was stoked that I was interested in the demo. Pablo now drums in a progressive instrumental jam band in B.C, Canada called Trophy Wife look them up here . Psilocybinide weren't reinventing the wheel but this 5 track demo makes for a rock'n listen. They played a whiskey fueled, bluesy brand of stoner rock that maybe you'll enjoy, I know I do! Light one up and give it a listen.



  1. Ahh, named after one of my favorite substances on earth. I'll check this out for sure.

  2. Cool man, I hope you like it!

  3. Nice find. I'm glad you took the time to get this.

  4. I'm pretty stoked that you like the CD. Here's our MYSPACE link......which I will now update frequently.



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