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Plutocracy - Dankstahz (1995)

Dankstahz - (1995)

Genre - Grind
Origin - Redwood City, Ca.
Time - 66:25 min.
File - 131.97 MB (320kbps)

Plutocracy was a Grindcore band from Atherton California and a major player in the West Bay underground fast music scene. They existed from 1988-1993 and then reformed in 1998 to record an album to honor former bass player Dan "Zodiac Iller" Hogan who had recently passed. Plutocracy's musical style can be summarized in one word: Dankcore. A mix of Grindcore, distortion, movie samples, gangtsa' rap and multiple screaming voices with references to killing cops, smoking weed and inside jokes regarding their "crew", known to many as the "Doomryderz". The group consisted of Stinkweed (guitar, vocals), Kalmex (guitar, vocals), Frank Ripple (bass), Battle Axe Max (Max Ward, drums), Dan Hogan (bass, vocals), Billy (bass), Chris V (bass), Jessie (vocals) and Mike (bass). They put out a demo called "Progress", several split 7" records with 976, Aproctous, Discordance Axis, Phobia and a few EPs one titled "Snitch" and the other "Freedom Denied" which were all later released on the Dankstahz CD. In 98' came the final Plutocracy album Sniping Pigz.

Even today their influence is still strong in the underground music scene. The former members themselves did everything but slow down after the demise of Plutocracy. They went on to form such bands as Spazz, Agents Of Satan, No Le$$, Kalmex & The Riffmerchants, Go Like This! and Kompound (a rap group) as well as form record labels and continue to push the envelope in the West Coast scene.
(taken from Youmix)

Track List:
split Ep w/Discordance Axis
1. Feel The Wrath
2. G Of The D
3. Shorty but A Goody
4. Plutoloko
5. Suckass

6. Chickenz
Dankstahz Lp (1992)
7. Intro
8. Jailed
9. Mixer
10. Guilt
11. Good Times
12. Blurred
13. Dankstahz
14. Two Sided Tale
15. Class Tension
16. Rolling With Dank

17. Tutu, I Love You
18. Crust?...Not!
19. DV8
20. Snitch
21. Erupt
22. Outro
Live on KZSU (1992)
23. Dankstahz

24. Snitch
25. Good Times
26. Erupt
27. G Of The D
28. Feel The Wrath
29. Crust?...Not!
30. Suckass
31. Mixer
32. Chickenz
Freedom Denied Ep
33. Freedom Denied
34. Clay Foundations
Progress demo
35. Intro - Morbid
36. Plutocracy (Pt. 1)

37. Progress?
38. System Overload
39. Two Sided Tale
40. Outro

Another post of killer Bay Area Grindcore!
They have a new album coming out soon on a label called Forest Moon and can be (pre)ordered by going
here . You can link over to the Forest Moon page and see what releases they have to offer.



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