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Pig Destroyer/Gnob split - (1999)

Pig Destroyer/Gnob split

Genre - Grind/Comedic Thrash
Origin - Virginia
Time - 21:54 min.
File - 43.29 MB (320kbps)

This Robodog split CD features two extreme bands, Pig Destroyer and Gnob. Pig Destroyer is the more notable of the two, especially considering their recent signing to Relapse Records. Both bands deliver aggressive music, although their approaches are vastly different.

The first nine tracks of this sixteen track release are courtesy of Pig Destroyer, a grindcore band from Virgina. These guys are heavy. There's just no other way to describe them. Their pulsating metal and grindcore grooves are relentless, and almost scary. The vocals consist entirely of yells and screams, with an occasional death metal growl here and there. The band is definitely tight, and while they're prone to super fast machine-gun bursts of metal, they often slow down to pound out some blistering thrash metal. Pig Destroyer's nine tracks include a cover of The Stooges' "Down In The Street". Really, there's nothing boring about this 3-piece, and the fact that they don't have a bassist doesn't make them any less devastating.

We must admit that we don't know a thing about Gnob. We think they're from Virginia. Their music really has nothing in common with Pig Destroyer, expect that in the most general use of the term, you could call their offerings "metal". Gnob (bong backwards?) are difficult to figure out. Their songs are more comedic than anything, and they're certainly not a "tight" band. Thrash-comedy-rock-fuzz might be an appropriate description of Gnob. Then again, what the heck does that mean? The band even goes so far as to cover portions of the Mary Poppins soundtrack on "Merry Popskins". Strange stuff. -- (taken from Lambgoat)

Track List:
Pig Destroyer
1. Blond Prostitute
2. Patterns Of Failure
3. Rejection Fetish
4. Dark Satelites

5. Purity Undone
6. Forgotten Child
7. White Sand
8. Painter Of Dead Girls
9. Down In The Street (The Stooges)
10. Shallmar Bor
11. The Gnobstosity
12. Graveyard Of Roaches
13. My Beard = Testosterone (American Werewolf In Hampton)
14. Merry Popskins
15. Hardline Headache
16. Running In Place

The Pig Destroyer tracks showed up a year later as a 7" picture disc released by Reptillian Records titled "Painter Of Dead Girls". Information on Gnob can be obtained by clicking here. Enjoy!



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